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AMICO BAR GRATING--Riveted regular duty    
  The panel widths shown below reflect general availability of standard bar grating products. If your project requires wider panel widths, please contact AMICO for assistance.        
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Enter design parameters in the yellow fields below.   Style Bearing bar thickness (in) Panel width (in) No. of bearing bars   Contact AMICO
Bearing bar clear spacing
 (See below)
No. of bearing bars
1-1/8in bearing bar clear spacing   3/4in bearing bar clear spacing
7in rivet spacing   3in rivet spacing 7in rivet spacing   3in rivet spacing
a. 18R7, Steel
c. 18R3, Steel
e. 12R7, Steel
g. 12R3, Steel
b. 18AR7, Aluminum
d. 18AR3, Aluminum f. 12AR7, Aluminum
h. 12AR3, Aluminum
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