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    This grating selection tool is designed to handle the most common load configurations shown in the diagrams below. For other load configurations, please contact AMICO for assistance.             
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Enter design parameters in the yellow fields below.   Styles Bearing bar size (in) Bearing bar spacing (in) Approx. weight (psf) Section modulus* (in3) Moment of inertia* (in4) Select grating     (After grating options are shown)  
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Allowable stress   psi
Step 2: Choose desired surface finish
Cross rod/bar spacing
Grating surface
ADA-compliance req'd?
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that
the clear space between bearing bars shall not be
greater than 1/2in.
Step 3: Email us the Specs below for a quote.
Clear span, L=   in 
Uniform load, U=
Commonly 100psf, or per project spec.
Concentrated load, C*=
Commonly 300 lbf, or per project spec.
Allowable deflection, D=
Commonly 0.25in, or per project spec.
        Step 4: (Specifiers/designers) Use our specifications tools . . .  HERE.
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      *    Per foot of grating width.           800-366-2642  
      ** All grating options shown on this list meet ANSI/NAAMM MBG 531 strength and deflection requirements.   E-mail  
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AMICO Bar Grating Design Calculators
Q1: What are the most commonly used loads for pedestrian traffic?
A1: Uniform load U=100psf. Concentrated line load C=300 lbs per foot of grating. Allowable deflection D= 0.25in.
Q2: In the regular-duty and Aluminum grating calculators, why do I not see vehicular loads?
A2: These types of grating are not recommended for vehicular loads. Please try our Heavy-Duty Bar Grating or RivDexteel® Bridge Deck Grating.
Q3: In my project's design specs, there is a (non-vehicular) concentrated load, the footprint of which is not defined. Should I assume it to be the concentrated mid-span line load on 1ft of grating width as shown in your diagram?
A3: No. This often represents a heavy piece of equipment, which is a very different load pattern than the concentrated line load "C" shown in our diagram. Please contact AMICO for assistance. 
Q4: Why does the Serrated option give me deeper bars, but the section properties such as section modulus and modulus of elasticity don't change?
A4:  NAAMM 531 requires that when serration is present the top 1/4 depth of the bearing bars be discounted from the calculation of section properties.
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