ANC® Non-Conductive Fence System

AMICO’s ANC® Non-Conductive Fence System creates a non-conductive fence perimeter. ANC does not conduct electricity and can reduce radar reflectivity from microwave transmissions, making it an excellent alternative for airport perimeters. It also permits a much higher level of security than chain link or welded wire fencing.



  • Mesh Pattern Allows for Generous Air Flow
  • Mesh has minimum 70% open area
  • Mesh panels are ½-inch thick with a 2¼-inch diamond or 1-inch thick with a 1¾-inch diamond
  • Mesh Panels are 3-ft or 4-ft high x 12-feet long. Any height fence can be constructed up to 20-feet high.
  • ANC Fence panels, posts and components are non-conductive

Also, ANC Components are…

  • Non-magnetic
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Withstands ultraviolet rays
  • Easy to install
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance