Quantifying Sunshade Heat Gain Reduction

Expanded mesh sunshade elements are frequently used and do a good job of reducing glare inside a building but is the expense worth the benefit?  In this study, AMICO hired an outside engineering firm to quantify heat gain reduction from sunshades and the subsequent energy savings and carbon mitigation.

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AMICO California Project Tour

Seeing a design in person is always better than photos.  Are you in California?  Do If you want to see some AMICO projects in person? click on the .pdf link below for a map of projects in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area.

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engineered expanded mesh

Perforated Metal in Acoustically Complex Environments

In this case study, we take a high-level look at how perforated metal panels perform acoustically, and how they can play in your acoustically dynamic design environment.

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Cooksville Go Parking Garage Case Study

In this case study, we look at how expanded mesh can benefit a parking garage structure.

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