Alone, or paired with sound dampening backer, perforated metal plays an active or purely passive role in eliminating specific frequencies in soundfiltering systems.

This can be beneficial for auditoriums, places that require a large gathering like airports or schools, or enclosures for loud equipment like HVAC & compressors.

Here are a few benefits of perforated metal acoustic panels to consider:

  • Perforated holes are easily customized to meet the detailed frequency needs of a given application.
  • Many acoustic panels lack the durability needed for outdoor or high traffic areas. Perforated metal is easy to maintain and can act as a protective barrier to increase the lifespan of acoustic panels.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel provide aesthetically attractive surfaces and can be painted and powder coated to man different colors.
  • Perforated metal is easy to form, bend, and shape. This allows the architect to apply the panels in wide variety of forms to meet design needs.
  • Aluminum is excellent for fire safety as it is noncombustible with a 660°C melting point