Lighting expanded mesh and perforated metal can take a good project and make it great and considering a lighting approach during design and budgeting is extremely wise.

Here are four primary strategies for lighting your architectural metals.

1. Grazing the expanded mesh: Expanded mesh is not flat and has a dimensional aspect to it, so it catches and reflects light in interesting ways when grazed with light resulting in beautiful gradients and textures.

2. Backlighting: Perforated and expanded mesh surfaces can be back light in interesting ways to turn your architectural metal into dark negative space.

3. Backwall Grazing: Because mesh and perforated has voids, the surface behind it can be featured in beautiful ways. Coloring and lighting your backwall can create a complex and high-end finish detail

4. Direct Illumination: Because architectural metals can have a nice sheen to them and vibrant colors, directly illuminating those surfaces can result in striking, memorable designs.