Contractors frequently use STAY-FORM® on bridge projects to form footings, edge forms and bulkheads. When building a cast-in-place segmental box girder bridge, forming the bulkheads has significant labor savings because the bulkhead does not have to be stripped.

  • Test reports prove that when forming a bulkhead, STAY-FORM® provides 21% greater shear bond strength to concrete than does plywood.

  • Unlike plywood-formed bulkheads, STAY-FORM® bulkheads do not require scabbling of the concrete. This means additional labor savings.

Amico offers Stay-Form that is used for bridge forming construction. This is a crucial process, and Stay-Form is easy-to-cut, cost-effective, and ideal for forming bulkheads, tunnels, or any below-grade structure. Due to its easy lacerating quality, forming construction joints, keyways, and curved shapes becomes easier and saves time. Stay-Form is relatively lighter than plywood and steel sheeting so it tends to be the most preferred material used for bulkheads and bridge forming.

Numerous contractors are affiliated with Amico, and they use Stay-Form for footings, edge forms, and bulkheads are all made using stay-form. It is incredibly useful when building a cast-in-place segmental box girder bridge forming the bulkhead, as this helps in labor savings because the bulkhead doesn’t need to be stripped.

Stay-Form’s exceptional quality is proven time and again as reports indicate that when forming a bulkhead, Stay-Form tends to provide a 21% greater shear bond strength to concrete than plywood does. The bulkheads formed using Stay-Form do not require any concrete scrabbling, unlike the ones developed using plywood bulkheads, which means additional labor-saved. Stay-Form makes the bridge forming process become more straightforward and faster.

  • Cost-Effectivity:
    Stay-form concrete forming should be the go-to-material for bridge forming, creation of bulkheads, tunnels, and any below-grade structure. It is affordable and lowers the overall cost of the construction process.
  • Easy-to-Cut:
    Stay-Form’s easy-to-cut quality makes constructing joints, keyways, curved shapes a lot quicker and easier.
  • Eliminates the Need for Traditional Concrete:
    When using Stay-Form, there is no need for any traditional concrete. Hence, the process of removing, cleaning, and transporting it can be skipped.
  • Up to 35 percent labor-saving:
    Stay-Form’s easy to cut quality makes it incredibly feasible to use in the bridge forming process as lesser labor is required to complete the project.

Stay-Form is developed and manufactured in America. There is no compromise in the quality, durability, strength, and power of the product. Stay-form consistently delivers the same exceptional result every time, and this is the primary reason why constructors keep coming back to it.

At Amico, we believe in quality; hence, the product we provide our customers with is always the best. We have worked on various projects with different constructors and construction companies.

Some of our work using Stay-Form includes:

  • Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project – Washington, DC
    Stay-Form was used in this 26-mile light rail, project from Dulles International Airport to Falls Church, VA. It was used to create the edge form for the base mat slab.
  • Kanawha River Bridge – Interstate 64
    Stay-Form is being used by the contractor in this project to construct the bulkheads on this 3000 foot long cast-in-place segmental box girder bridge. Each segment is 16 feet long and has an overall height of 40 feet, while the walls have a thickness of 18-inches.
  • Devil’s Slide Bridge and Tunnel
    The Pacific Coast Highway area has been continuously subjected to rock and mudslides. Caltrans has designed a realignment, which includes two tunnels and two bridges, and Stay-Form is used in the formation of the bulkheads on this cast-in-place cantilever bridge portion.