STAY-FORM® is an excellent product for forming bulkheads because it does not have to be stripped out after the concrete pour. (Plywood and modular forms have to be stripped.) There is also no scrabbling required in order to prepare the surface for the next pour.

  • Rebar or metal fabricated bracings are left in place – no stripping is required.

  • The sheets are lightweight and can easily be bent to form a keyway.

  • STAY-FORM® can be cut in order to accommodate any rebar or conduit penetrations.

  • Visual inspection of the concrete consolidation is also accomplished due to the openings in the mesh.

Test reports prove that when forming bulkheads, STAY-FORM® provides 21% greater shear bond strength to concrete than does plywood.

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At Amico, we believe in quality; hence, the product we provide our customers with is always the best.
We have worked on various
bulkhead-forming projects with different constructors and construction companies;
some of our work using Stay-Form includes:
  • US Army Corps of Engineers – East New Orleans, LA (Lake Borgne Barrier Sector Gate)
    Stay-Form was used to form bulkheads, which had an eight-foot thick base mat slab supported by the US Army Corps’ of Engineers closure gates for the flood protection project.
  • US Army Corps of Engineers – Belle Chasse, LA.
    Stay-Form was used to form bulkheads, which had a twelve-foot thick base mat slab used to support the pump station and the lift gates.
  • Croton Water Treatment Plant
    The contractor on this project has been using Stay-Form for years and has extensive experience working with the product. Stay-Form was used for the formation of the heavy mat slab bulkheads, wall bulkheads, keyways, inverted keyways, and the perimeter forms. The base mat slab is five-feet thick, and the walls are four-feet wide and eighty-feet high. Two hundred eighty thousand cubic yards of concrete were required for the completion of the project.

At Amico, we have an incredible product that is excellent for the formation of bulkheads – Stay-Form. Stay-Form does not need to be stripped out after pouring concrete, making it easier to handle while keeping the same grip and strength.

Suppose other materials are used for the formation of bulkheads, like plywood; they would need to be stripped, which is time-consuming and requires additional labor. Additionally, with Stay-Form, there is no need for any scrabbling; therefore, the surface can immediately be prepared for the next pour.

Stay-Form is easy-to-cut, cost-effective, and ideal for the forming of bulkheads, tunnels, and any below-grade structure. Due to its comfortable lacerating quality, creating construction joints, keyways, and curved shapes becomes more comfortable and timesaving.

Stay-Form is relatively lighter than plywood and steel sheeting. Hence, it tends to be the most preferred material used for bulkheads and in bridge forming.

Stay-Form ensures that the rebar and metal fabricated bracings stay intact, so no stripping is required while forming the bulkhead. The sheets are incredibly lightweight and bend quickly to create the keyway.

Stay-Form can be cut to accommodate the rebar or the conduit penetrations. With our concrete column forming, you can discover the economical way to create a diverse range of columns and make versatile construction products on the market.All these things play a crucial role in the forming of bulkheads and contribute to their strength and durability.

Moreover, using Stay-Form for bulkheads also makes visual inspections of the concrete consolidation easier due to the mesh’s openings. There is no comparison to Stay-Form’s strength when forming bulkheads, as test reports prove that Stay-Form provides a 21% greater shear bond strength to concrete compared to other materials.

Numerous contractors are affiliated with Amico, and they use Stay-Form for bridge forming projects – footings, edge forms, and bulkheads are all made using stay-form. It is incredibly useful when building a cast-in-place segmental box girder bridge forming the bulkhead, as it helps in labor savings, as the bulkhead does not need to be stripped.

Stay-Form’s exceptional quality is repeatedly proven, as numerous projects are completed using Amico’s phenomenal product.