AMICO STAY-FORM® is the first choice among contractors for forming bulkheads, tunnels, or any below-grade structure. One of the main reasons for this is that STAY-FORM® is a cost-effective solution that is considerably lighter than standard plywood or steel sheeting.

It is easier and faster to put in place and easy to cut when forming construction joints. It can easily be shaped into keyways or bulkheads which saves valuable time. We take immense pride in the products that we produce and make sure that our customers are getting only the best US MADE products. AMICO’s STAY-FORM® is the leading brand of stay-in-place reinforced concrete solutions. 

AMICO has made it’s name in the industry due to its strength, versatility, cost savings and the fact that they are the inventors of stay in place concrete forming. AMICO’s top of the line concrete forming system is designed to be applied to various uses and applications. One of the uses of AMICO’s STAY-FORM® is its application in duct bank electrical systems.

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Duct bank electrical

Duct bank electrical systems consist of underground concrete encased vessels used for laying and protecting cables incased in PVC pipes or conduits. AMICO’s STAY-FORM® is a stay in place concrete form that holds the concrete that protects these electrical cables from extreme weather, temperature, and corrosion to prevent breakages and failures. These wires are buried under ground, which protects the conduits and consolidates the wiring into centralized underground paths.

STAY-FORM® is the preferred choice for the nation’s largest electrical contractors and EPC’s due to its remarkable qualities and ease-of-use during installation. Proper installation of these systems is required to ensure smooth reliable performance and durability. STAY-FORM® is produced and assembled, keeping quality as our priority, hence no expense is spared to ensure you receive the highest quality of products and services. STAY-FORM®’s light weight and high strength qualities make it an ideal choice when constructing duct bank electrical systems.

Duct bank electrical systems can conveniently be formed using STAY-FORM® in contrast to plywood or conventional forming systems. STAY-FORM® is simple to use, and training the personnel on how to install STAY-FORM® is quicker than training workers in many conventional forming systems. Another advantage that STAY-FORM® has over other systems is substantial labor savings since form stripping is not essential. 

Preparing these systems with STAY-FORM® is simple and affordable. AMICO’s STAY-FORM® can easily be attached to the reinforcing bar or rebar supports by using galvanized steel tie wire. This creates a sturdy form which allows you to easily pour the concrete and encase the ducts and pipes to form the electrical duct bank system. 

Another reason most contractors choose STAY-FORM® is that duct bank electrical systems require proper concrete encasement, and STAY-FORM® provides just that. STAY-FORM® is incredibly easy to install with rebar and wire. For added strength contractors can attach a 2×4 (from rebar to rebar) across the top of the duct bank electrical system to prevent the formwork from spreading during the pour, while ensuring that even distribution concrete throughout the duct bank. 

Apart from duct banks, STAY-FORM® also deals in forming concrete stairs for your projects.

AMICO’s STAY-FORM® is excellent for creating duct bank electrical systems as it reduces the possibility of honeycombing and allows you to visually make sure the concrete is fully vibrated.

AMICO has been involved in various duct bank electrical system projects throughout the country. For more information regarding our projects, click the link below.