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BackBone Wall forming – Installation Recommendations 

The AMICO rule of thumb is to “brace STAY-FORM® like you would a piece of plywood.” The use of rebar, strongbacks, walers, kickers, etc. (location, size and spacing) is similar to that for conventional forming methods per ACI 347, Guide to Formwork for Concrete.

  • The STAY-FORM® ribs face into the concrete pour
  • 4”-8” minimum lap between running STAY-FORM® sheets
  • 2-rib minimum lap between stacked STAY-FORM® sheets
  • Attach STAY-FORM® to bracing with wire, staples, roofing nails or other mechanical fasteners.

Check out our concrete forming board here.

  • Tie wire around rib and bracing is recommended.
  • Bracing where sheets lap is also recommended.
  • Cut STAY-FORM® sheets with a hand-held grinder, cutoff saw, abrasive blade or metal snips.
  • Notch ribs to bend and make virtually any form shape.

STAY-FORM® Sheet Tie Wire Lap Detail

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NOTE: X denotes 16-gauge tie wire or sheet metal screws